More Leopard Problems

Like many others, I’m having more and more problems with Leopard on my four-core, 4GB RAM, 3+TB disk Mac Pro. In addition to my previously mentioned problems, which have only gotten worse, let’s see…

  • HP printer and scanner drivers are a mess. HP says, We’re working on it.
  • My wireless Microsoft mouse gets lost requiring more reboots.
  • Mail can’t recover from once being able to send through my SMTP server.
  • Forget about Parallels. Once you run it, just assume you’ll reboot within an hour.
  • QuickTime has completely crapped out. I can’t play anything with a filename ending in .mpg. The application (QT, iTunes, or anything else using the QT engine) crashes.
  • Like Oliver Rist wrote on, it doesn’t just work like Tiger used to.

Two things are clear to me:

  1. Third-party ISVs like HP and Parallels weren’t given adequate opportunity to develop and test with this software.
  2. Someone in senior management said “ship it!” despite the recommendations of his/her QA department in order to meet the already once-delayed release date. Whatever you might say about Microsoft, they don’t have too much trouble missing multiple release dates.

3 thoughts on “More Leopard Problems

  1. Further Mail problem. I discovered last night that Leopard will _silently_ stop fetching mail from a POP server. I have three POP accounts I use and one mysteriously dropped “off-line” with no error reported. Tried many changes to that account, some relevant and some just trying anything that is a change. Couldn’t get Mail to fetch mail from third POP acct until after a reboot. Other two accounts kept working fine.



  2. Hello Doug,
    I’m glad to learn I’m not alone. I’m in a similar predicament.My quad Mac Pro 2.66 Hz lost functionality with iMovieHD, iChat, Photobooth also wouldn’t launch my external iSight webcam.

    Photoshop CS3 is still buggy. The crop box is strange. Adobe has already updated CS3 but it still has problems.
    After a clean install, I’m wondering if I should try and install the Logitech wireless trackball that may have caused the problem in the first place.


  3. I have been out today an purchased a PC and have found Vista works better than leopard.
    I never thought I would say it!!!!!!


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