Susan’s Portable Podcasting Kit

Day one of the Podcast and New Media Expo is done. Lots of fun; cool stuff; great people. But of all the things I’ve seen so far, my favorite is a small kit that Susan Kitchens brought by our booth. In one little waterproof case, she’s get everything she needs to record high-quality 1:1 podcast interviews. I went to the website — their name was on the bottom of the case– but couldn’t find more details on this specific setup. Luckily, Susan has everything on her website.

One thought on “Susan’s Portable Podcasting Kit

  1. Doug, thanks for the pointer! I’ve written the Sound PRofessionals to let them know that their gear is turning heads here in CA and on the net, and to ask if they have a new link for the custom otter box/preamp setup. I’ll also do some surfing on their site for the Y-shaped mics. They’re there, you just gotta dig. I’ll do that and update the original post w/ fresher links.


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