IT Conversations (Re)Joins The Conversations Network

Short version: Michael Geoghegan and I have decided to move IT Conversations, the longest-running podcasting channel, from GigaVox Media to The Conversations Network.

A year ago, we moved IT Conversations to GigaVox as a for-profit venture. But since then, GigaVox’s mission has moved away from the podcasting-content business, and to be brutally honest, we weren’t really giving IT Conversations the attention it deserved. And then there’s the confusion that IT “Conversations” wasn’t part of
The “Conversations” Network. Hey — it was confusing for us, too.

For all of these reasons, we’ve decided to move IT Conversations back to the non-profit Conversations Network. So what does that mean?

1. FUNDING. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we’ll be looking for NPR-style corporate donations instead of traditional advertising. I’m on the prowl for $100,000, which will run IT Conversations for an entire year (360+ programs). That’s an extraordinary promotional opportunity, by the way, at a very low CPM. Perhaps your company wants to support us, get terrific exposure to IT professionals, and do so for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.

2. STAFFING. Part of the magic of The Conversations Network has
been TeamITC, the part-time staff all over the world who produce our programs. During the GigaVox Media year, we moved towards utilizing a smaller number of people, each of whom produced more shows. With this change, we’ll be moving back to the more distributed model, and involving far more people once again.

3. RE-INTEGRATION. It’s going to be a technical nightmare, but over the next three months we’re going to bring all of our channels together into a single content-management system and make it easier for each channel to cross-promote the others. Please bear with us while the transition is underway. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. For now, there are still separate logins for The Conversations Network (Social Innovation Conversations and and GigaVox Media (IT Conversations).

I’ll have more news over the next few weeks, but I wanted to get this
word out to our loyal fans and listeners ASAP. Thanks for your continued support of our mission.

6 thoughts on “IT Conversations (Re)Joins The Conversations Network

  1. Thanks for the update, I’m a long-time listener and I was just looking for a particular podcast interview you did on the subject of Amazon’s flexible compute cloud (using it to do transcoding, how it worked for you and the costs structure). Somebody in a software forum sounds like they could use FCC in their app.

    I think it was in the IT Conversations channel. I turned up unsatisfactory results on as well.

    I was really confused when I googled your name restricted to and got just one match. You might want to have a look and make sure your redirects are in place.

    Anyhow, sorry for being long-winded but keep working on getting more meta-data for us casual listeners. I’ll keep looking for the podcast, I know it’s out there.


  2. Sorry, apparently not related to the move. I found it … though it doesn’t mention EC2 (and I spelled your name as Kay instead of Kaye on google, but there is one spot on the site that it’s spelled that way).


  3. Doug, you’re one of the true visionaries. Your candid comments about your business decisions demonstrates that the most successful entities try, adjust, adapt, and keep moving. congratulations on the move and as you have proven before with IT Conversations it’s about the content, good people will always fine good content. Good luck.


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