Board of Advisors

The Conversations Network is exceedingly lucky to announce our new and awesome Board of Advisors who will help keep us moving in the right direction.

And for the record, The Conversations Network Board of Directors is:

4 thoughts on “Board of Advisors

  1. Looks great, Doug, I admire each an every one on these guys. But as a long term listener to IT Conversations, I know there are fantastic women contributing. Are you building a man´s world in podcasting? I´m amazed – and yes, appauled – whenever I see a long list of competent people within a certain field and not a single women among them. 🙂


  2. Hi, Karin. We have invitations out to two extraordinary women, but they have not yet been able to accept for different reasons. I hope both will do so shortly.


  3. Update: Colette Vogele and Rebecca MacKinnon have accepted our invitations to become members of our Board of Advisors.


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