Help! — Fix My Audio!

At this year’s Podcast and New Media Expo, I will lead an audio-repair workshop session entitled “Help — Fix My Audio!” (Saturday, September 29 at 3:15pm). During this session, I’ll demonstrate how to solve real-world audio problems submitted by Expo attendees. Tools and techniques I will demonstrate include noise reduction, normalization and equalization.

I’m looking for the best (or worst) examples of podcast audio for this session. If you have an audio problem you’d like me to solve live at the Expo, please email the file to Here are the guidelines:

  • Send your BEST-quality version. That usually means WAV or AIFF, *NOT* MP3.
  • Just send a small sample, not an entire podcast. If you keep your sample to 20 seconds or less, a stereo WAV/AIFF version will be less than 4mb and therefore get through most email routers.
  • Describe how it was recorded and what *you* think is wrong with it.
  • Email your comments and the audio-file attachment to

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