A Face for Radio

Maybe 1,000 people in the audience for my seven-minute presentation here at ETech. I was on stage as part of Amazon.com CTO’s Werner Vogel’s keynote session. Staring into the bright lights and seeing the usual sea of laptops, I found myself wondering what was on the back channel. Here’s the log from the chat room during those few minutes.

[gregbiggers] speaking of it conversations, ...
[reilly] this feels very enterprisey
[jgoldman] i hear $950!
[RemyDWD] Can we snap together something with AWS quickly to do it?
[jgoldman] do i hear $900?
[davidcrow] The Levelator?
[seanbonner] Hawaiian Shirt!
[davidcrow] seanbonner++
[gregbiggers] dont knock the levelator
[BigD] oh cool!
[BigD] i love this guy's voice
[gregbiggers] its kinda cool
[cspurgeon] Aah, it was Doug Kaye that was on that podcast, along with one of the AWS execs.
[gregbiggers] he has a total radio voice
[davidcrow] does the levelator get stuck between floors?
[mediaserf] ya like he smoked for 20 years
[cspurgeon] levelator++
[davidcrow] he's got a face for radio
[albertoescarlate] no red boxes?
[cybaea] like an elevator?
[davidcrow] it doesn't work on the Internet
[tengi] davidcrow++
[jgoldman] red lines though
[seanbonner] albertoescarlate: this isn't about the internet aparently
[ikisai] damn my bottom enclosure just hit 37C...
[mediaserf] ?google doug kaye radio
-- ryanmcminn (n=ryanmcmi@host194.diegoman59.hyatthsiagx.com) has joined #etech
[jibot] Search for doug kaye radio: 0.125 seconds. Showing first 3 of 1230000 sites
[jibot] IT Conversations: Doug Kaye - http://www.itconversations.com/shows/detail229.html
[jibot] Blogarithms - https://blogarithms.com/
[jibot] Blogarithms » The Future of Public Radio -

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