IMA Update

Now that I’ve got a few minutes of downtime, some notes on the IMA conference, so far. Random thoughts:

  • NPR is behind the Digital Distribution Consortium, which is trying to  solve a number of problems faced by public-radio stations trying to deal with the on-line world. I was honored to spend two hours meeting with the DDC committee members last summer. Terrific people trying to solve problems that are ultimately more political than technical. Jake Shapiro (of PRX) has posted the DDC’s overview document. Not a lot of conclusions yet, but you’ll get a sense of the problem(s) they’re trying to solve.
  • Based on sessions I’ve attended and a dinner conversation tonight, it’s clear that public-radio stations are desperate for a good content-management system. They’re trying all sorts of solutions such as Drupal and Plone. Some are writing their own, and others are pushing for a collaborated open-source project.
  • Unfortunately, one of my presentations was scheduled in the same time slot as “A Conversation with Doc Searls and Dave Winer” in the big room. Luckily, Dave immediately posted the audio on his blog, and I was able to hear it tonight.
  • A whole lotta people in radio are using The Levelator and love it. Cool.
  • Andrew Kuklewicz, lead developer at PRX, gave a three-minute presentation on Audio Monster, something they’re working on. It uses some of the same Amazon Web Services features we’re using for GigaVox Audio Lite, so I really want to hook up with Andrew to compare notes.

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