This Week in Law

There’s a great new “netcast” by IT Conversations’ host Denise Howell, called This Week in Law (TWiL), over on Leo Laporte’s TWiT network. The first episode had some fairly severe audio problems, however, and a few “misinformed” individuals are blaming The Levelator. From a comment I just posted on the TWiL site:

Re comments by ‘Nation‘: The issue is that they ran the audio through “The Levelator™” (see: ).

Just stop and think for a moment. You all know that Leo is a pro and committed to great audio and content. Do you *really* think that if The Levelator made the audio worse that he would use it? And how can you judge the output without comparing it to the original?

Yes, The Levelator was successfully used for TWiL 1, and the output was superior to the input.

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