The Levelator Abroad

Glowing reviews for The Levelator are coming in from all over, but perhaps none is as entertaining as this one in German, as translated by Google:

Abbott Levelator – the Tool for Podcasts et al.
In the current expenditure of TWiT Doug Kaye, inventors of ITConversations and founders of Gigavox, a Softwaretool places forwards named Levelator. The thing makes exactly that, according to which it means: It pegelt unbalanced audio photographs out. Ex post office. Speak: You take up your thing only and leave then the file by the Levelator. The result is really amazingly well, hab’s tried out. Who perfect always times again with less than clay/tone photographs to do has (parts too loud, parts too quietly and both itself alternating in arbitrary consequence…), which/that can facilitate the life for Levelator much. Matter of expense: $ 0. – Hot Go GET it, while it’s! Levelator is written in Java, what has the advantage that the program is platform independent. On my Mac hat’s perfectly functions!

I love “ex post office.”

Here’s the original:

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