Podcast Expo 2006

This year’s PME is over and was another great success. Tim Bourquin and team are to be congratulated once again. The GigaVox Media booth was so popular, that I didn’t have a chance to attend any sessions other than my own, and I didn’t even walk past most of the other booths. I did get to spend a few minutes with Marvin Caesar, president of Aphex, one of my favorite audio-gear manufacturers. Paul Figgiani, Michael Geoghegan and I are big-time Aphex fans.

My first presentation was entitled Prepare for Success:
Overcoming the Challenges of Scale
. I thought it went very well, but unfortunately as a last-minute replacement, it wasn’t in the program or addendum, and I had an audience of a whopping eight (!) people in a room set for about 400. Ouch. My second presentation, The Secret Lives of MP3 Files, had a much larger audience. Maybe 100 or so. I warned people in advance that it would be very geeky, and it was.
The Levelator is already a huge hit. I finished uploading the Java UI code just after midnight. Twelve hours later we had more than 200 downloads, and the buzz on the exhibit-hall floor was great. People like Jake Luddington have already blogged about it. (You can digg Jake’s post.) Others even came by with their laptops, just to show us how The Levelator had solved some of their most-difficult audio problems. I think the word will be out soon, and a vast majority of podcasters (and broadcasters) will start using The Levelator.

After spending two months writing code for 60+ hours a week — yeah, sob for me 🙂 — it’s time for a break. Gonna take a few days off.

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