GigaVox Audio Lite

It’s not a beta-test launch — it’s just a technology preview — but tomorrow we’re going to demonstrate GigaVox Audio Lite, a forthcoming web-based service offering from GigaVox Media. Designed for professional podcasters, organizations and media companies, GigaVox Media Lite is  based on the same content-management and show-assembly system we’ve developed and used for the past 3.5 years for IT Conversations.

In early discussions we’ve had with prospective customers and partners, I’ve described it as being like for podcast production and distribution. For a reasonable monthly fee, you’ll be able to use GigaVox Media Lite to assemble your podcasts from components according to scripts, manage advertisers/sponsors and campaigns, create RSS feeds, and publish your podcast to the hosting service or CDN of your choice. There’s a long list of additional features and benefits, and the 2,500 or so attendees at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo will have a chance to see it in action, but the rest of you will have to depend on their reviews or wait until the service enters beta test later this year.

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