IT Conversations News: March 27, 2006

(Hear the MP3 version with additional commentary in beautiful monophonic audio.)

New Programs Last Week

Here are the programs we’ve published in the last week, ranked in increasing order of listener ratings.

  • Joe Paiva – A Warriors Guide to Business Architecture (2.8) When thinking about the technology and the Department of Defense, what generally comes to mind are the technologies involved with fighting a war; weaponry, information gathering, and transportation, for example. Less obvious but no less important is the role of information technology. In this session from the SOA Executive Forum in November 2005, Major Joe Paiva discusses the implmentation of a Services Oriented Architecture in the Armed Forces.
  • Todd Cochrane – Building a Podcast Network (2.8) Creating or joining a podcast network is an important decision. There are benefits such as an increased listening audience, and more revenue. But there are also downsides: dealing with conflicts, sharing the workload and the revenue. Todd Cochrane shares his experiences in running a podcast show and creating a podcast network to help you in considering all the pros and cons that come with being involved in a podcast network. He also outlines network alternatives that may work for you, and what he would do differently in the future.
  • Joshua Spanogle – Isolation Ward (3.8) On BioTech Nation, Dr. Moira Gunn interviews Joshua Spanogle who tells us about his new thriller, "Isolation Ward." It’s a fully-formed biotech thriller — from the fudging of scientific data, to xenotransplantation, to bioethics and the lure of the big money in biotech.
  • Can Open Source Stay Open? (3.9) Open source software and Web 2.O are changing computer and software economics. Tight, centralized control of intellectual property is under attack. Free, self- service access to code, content, and communities helps build new platforms, products, and services. Is rapid, free and open the future? Tim O’Reilly, Mitchell Baker, and Jonathan Schwartz discuss how open source innovation is changing the world.
  • Suketu Mehta – Bombay (4.0) Award winning writer Suketu Mehta tells us that his home town of Bombay and other mega-cities foreshadow the future. Bombay juxtaposes hopeless poverty, crowding, and inequity with riches and a vitality that draws a flood of young immigrants from rural villages. Although Mehta paints a grim picture, he sees hope in the exercise of democracy by the poor and a culture where people help each other while expecting little from their government.
  • Peter Cochrane – Emerging Telephony (4.3) As a major driver of global wealth, the advance of technology is paced by various forces including new discovery and human inertia. In this keynote, Peter Cochrane, the highly esteemed and engaging techno-futurist, delivers a fascinating analysis of change in our increasingly smart, networked world.
  • Scott Anderson – Business Blogging (4.3) The blogosphere is changing how customers gather and consume information about the marketplace. Scott Anderson, Hewlett Packard’s Director of Enterprise Brand Communications took a huge step in bringing his company in line with the principles of open dialogue with its customers through the blogosphere. In this program Scott describes the experience and the challenges of evolving corporate communication beyond the static web and into the live web.
  • Carol Dweck – The Psychology of Success (4.4) Dr. Moira Gunn speaks Dr. Carol Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, a recognized world leader in the study of personality, and author of Mindset — The New Psychology of Success."

The O’Reilly Pick of the Week:

This week’s IT Conversations/O’Reilly Pick of the Week is from 2004:

  • Online Advertising – Gnomedex 4.0 (3.3) Audio from Gnomedex 4.0: The Future of Online Advertising. How to make money from blogs and more from a panel of experts: Dave McClure, Jeff Barr, Henry Copeland, Bill Flitter, Gokul Rajaram and Mark Pincus.

2 thoughts on “IT Conversations News: March 27, 2006

  1. Suketu Mehta’s Bombay talk at PopTech! didn’t seem to come down well in Europe earlier in the week. It was only your introduction and thank you (end part). Nothing in-between a total runtime of 2:32mins. It seems to be ok now. But I thought you might be interested anyhow…


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