Pardon Our Appearance

I’d like to extend my apologies to the listeners of The Conversations Network and IT Conversations for some glitches in our audio programs over the past four weeks. On February 18 we launched ASM, our new automated show-assembly system that allows us to rebuild all of our audio programs from components on a nightly basis. New programs and series that were produced using ASM are coming out fine, but some of the earlier programs that were produced partially using the new tools and partially using traditional techniques have been plagued by occasional problems such as portions of shows that either don’t play back on certain players or that play back incorrectly such as at double speed.

If you encounter a problem, first go back to the IT Conversations web site and download the program again. It could well be that we’ve fixed the program since your first download. If it’s still not correct, please email me directly at I promise we’ll fix and publish the show promptly.

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