The Forums are Yours!

Two weeks ago we created the free Guest membership on The Conversations Network, and many of you have signed up to take advantage of it. And hundreds of you are stopping by the IT Conversations Forum to read messages every day. The only problem? Almost no one is bothering to leave a message of their own.

I know the Forums will eventually pick up steam and become popular, but we need your help. Did you hear an IT Conversations program this week that inspired you? Stop by and say so. Disagree with a guest, host or speaker? We want to hear that, too. You can also get there by clicking on the Discuss link on any progam’s deail page.

One thought on “The Forums are Yours!

  1. Doug, this raises an interesting issue that you might be able to address with “mandatory feedback.”

    I listen to 5 to 6 podcasts on my morning drive each day. I hear interesting stuff, but it is hard to act on it, blog about it, provide feedback about it while driving.

    What if you were to provide free downloads only in exchange for good feedback, and explicitly solicit that feedback with a followup email after each download?

    In general I don’t think that there is a good way to “close the loop” on podcasts, and it seems to me that a slightly more aggressive system on your side could help to do so.



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