Podcast Academy at Boston University

We’ve just announced the next in-person Podcast Academy to be held at Boston University on Friday/Saturday, April 28-29, 2006. We’ve put together a terrific staff of instructors for this event including Tony Kahn, Paul Figgiani, Michael Geohegan, John Furrier, C.C. Chapman, your’s truly and more. Register before March 15 and get a $50 discount on the registration fee.

One thought on “Podcast Academy at Boston University

  1. Hi Doug. Big fan of your work, though I haven’t written before. I loved your spot with TWiT recently, too. Thanks SO much for posting about this. I didn’t know about the academy coming to Boston, and I’ll register today. Without your announcement here, I wouldn’t have known. (Doubly so, a friend alerted me to your post, which I suspect Bloglines ate on my side).

    I’m excited and looking forward to the event .



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