Mac Installer Help Needed

Do you know how to write an OS X installer for a program written in Python? The Conversations Network is developing a cool audio normalizer and uploader utility. The Windows version is working and we’ve got the typical Setup.exe installation working. Now we need someone to implement the code for OS X including putting together a DMG-type installer (I think).

If you can volunteer your time for this noble cause, let me know.

Per map’s comment, we probably need a few things related to an install program:

  • acknowledgment of our open-source license or a LICENSE file
  • a README file
  • a place to store configuration information (In the current PC version, we use an external human-readable config file in the same directory as the application.)

The first two could just be files in the DMG that aren’t copied to the Applications folder, but what’s the right answer for configuration data?

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