Person of the Year in Podcasting

Wow! How flattering. I feel honored just to be considered:

Doug Kaye, the creator, host and executive producer of the popular technology podcast website IT Conversations, has received the Person of the Year Award. In 2005, in an effort to produce a greater amount of quality content for his listeners, Doug brought together a diverse team of volunteer podcasters to assist in recording, editing and producing audio sessions from technology conferences and events around the country. Team ITC’s podcasts are widely recognized for excellence in both audio quality and depth of content. Doug recently launched an even more ambitious effort to recruit and train volunteer podcasters from around the world to record and produce podcasts from any spoken word event including conferences, lectures and meetings. Through the non-profit “Conversations Network,” Doug’s goal is to record and archive content globally from as many events as possible. Respected among his peers, Doug has done a tremendous amount of work to make a wide variety of quality audio content available via podcasts. IT Conversations can be found at [Source: eMediaWire]

I wonder who was on the “anonymous committee of podcasters, journalists and opinion leaders.” Thank you.

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