Recording Audio with Screen Video (Screencasting)

At the one-day Podcasting Academy event, we’ll have the usual presenters with their Windows and Apple laptops feeding a VGA projector. Here’s my challenge. I want to record the audio and video (screen video, not camera video) and create online archives of the presentations. I don’t need to see the talking heads, just the screens. I’m on a tight budget, of course; that’s a given.

What would you recommend in the way of software and hardware to (a) record the sessions, (b) edit the recording, and (c) encode the files in a format that’s pretty tightly compressed (for Internet download, not discs) and playable on both PCs and Macs by the largest number of people?

My first choice would be to record and edit on a PowerBook, but I could use a PC if necessary. I’ve got a fair amount of experience in the world of broadcast-quality video, but when it comes to images on little screens, I’m a newbie.

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