Pop!Tech in Three Flavors

In less than two weeks we’ll be bringing you the free, live audio stream from Pop!Tech 2005 at the Camden, Maine, opera house. If you can’t listen in at that time, we’ll of course bring you all of the sessions (as we always do) at the rate of about one per week. That’s about 33 sessions and 33 weeks, so we should be done by about…July 1, 2006.

But if you can’t listen to the live stream, or if you can’t wait until July to hear everything that Pop!Tech has to offer, we’ve got a terrific offer for you.

Through our new QuickCast™ service you will be able to download the recordings from Pop!Tech 2005 approximately 2-3 weeks after the event (estimated: October 10, 2005) for the following fees:

  • Individual Sessions: $5.00 each
  • All sessions: $100.00

The proceeds are shared with the producers of Pop!Tech. Our portion is used to help pay some of the costs we incur in bringing you IT Conversations. It’s a good cause, don’t you think?

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