On TWiT Today

Earlier today, I wandered over to Noonan’s Bar and Grill, about two miles from my home here in Marin County, California. The reason: to join the great Leo Laporte and the other folks who bring you This Week in Tech, without a doubt *the* most popular tech podcast, if not the most popular in all categories. Leo is a true pro in every way, and one of the nicest and most sincere guys you’ll ever meet. Since Leo has decided to do his show every week from Noonan’s, I think I’ll make a point of heading over there on Sundays at 4pm whenever I can, even if it’s just to heckle John C. Dvorak who unfortunately couldn’t make it for today’s show.

Update: The video is now avaialble as a .mov file. ButTorrent download only. Sorry that the audio mix is poor. The levels between the speakers vary greatly.

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