The Top Podcast?

Feedster just released their Top 500 “most interesting and important blogs” and IT Conversations is rated #26 — higher than any other podcast. Cool!

Update: Dave Slusher is right, however. Lists like this, iTunes, Podcast Alley, etc., suggest that what’s important is volume: that the goal is the largest possible audience. This is the fat-head (as opposed to the long-tail) position. It’s all about hits and stars, and follows the lead of broadcasting and the traditional music biz. But the best blogs and podcasts aren’t those that appeal to the largest and most generic audiences, but rather those that deliver the greatest value to an audience, regardless of the size of that audience. One might have a blog or podcast about organ transplants, for example. Wouldn’t make the Top Anything list, but for the intended readers/listeners, it would be #1. Old media can’t do that. New media can and should. Change lives in as profound a way as possible.

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