Weekly Updates — The Feedback

Two weeks ago I asked for your feedback regarding the audio version of the weekly IT Conversations Updates. After receiving only one comment, I decided to ask again, and this time I received nearly one hundred email messages. Of course, I didn’t expect many people who didn’t care for the audio postings would bother to send me email, but the fact that so many people did go to the trouble makes it clear that enough listeners value the audio version to make it worthwhile to continue producing it.

There was also a fair degree of consistancy of the opinions. The segment most valued by listeners is the Houskeeping and News content. Many people listen to that section only and then skip the reviews of the previous week’s shows. And of those who do listen to the reviews, many said they don’t care much about the listener ratings, because their interests may be different from those of others’.

People wrote time and time again that what they really appreciated was the personalized voice that the updates gave to IT Conversations. There’s a lesson in that for all podcasters.

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