Double Your Broadband Speed for $12/mo

I’m too far from the telco’s central office to get DSL, so I’m stuck with Comcast’s broadband. Actually, it has been fairly reliable, so I shouldn’t complain. But the upload speeds are a wimpy 345kbps (measured), which is nasty when you’re trying to upload 100MB MP2 files all day long. I knew that Comcast offered “business” service at a premium price, but I didn’t want to pay that kind of money, so after months of procrastinating, I thought I’d give them a call and see what thay offerred.

Literally three minutes later, my upload speed was doubled to 692kbps (also measured) for an additional $12/mo and a $1.95 service charge. And they promise me the max download speed will increase from 4mbps to 6mbps, although so far it’s only up fractionally.


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