Interviews via Skype Revisited

Last week I published a diagram of one way to record Skype calls. This week I’ve got a somewhat different version that eliminates the need for an external mixer.

Assuming your recorder can’t handle a mic-level input on one channel and a line-level source on the other, you’ll need the attenuator shown between the line-level out of the computer and the mic-livel input of the recorder. If you have independent input-level controls on your recorder, a 40dB attenuator ought to be good enough. If you can’t control the levels independently, you may have to experiment with the ammount of attenuation, using more attenuation if your mic is dynamic (to match its low levels) or less attenuation to match higher-level condenser mics. You don’t need to match the levels exactly, since the whole idea of recording on separate tracks is that you can “fix it in the mix.” Just watch out: You could spend as much for an attenuator as you would for a mixer!

One thought on “Interviews via Skype Revisited

  1. I recorded a podcast interview a few days ago with one person on Skype and the other on the POTS phone. I used a Telos One hybrid for the phone and computer for Skype. Fed AUX 3 (post fader) from mixer to the Telos and AUX 4 (post fader) to the computer line in. They could hear each other and me and it worked well. While one guest is talking its good to reduce the input gain on the other a little. The difference in audio frequency response between the two callers was dramatic. 7kHz on the Skype call and only 3kHz on the phone call. Wish I could have had two computers running skype and two guests with it on their end.


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