Stringers Needed: BlogHer Conference

Santa Clara, CA. July 30, 2005
Four rooms, each with RCA line-level outputs

We’re not even close to rolling out our system for matching events with stringers who can record their presentations, but we’ve got a few that would be great to capture even before all the pieces are in place. One such event is the BlogHer Conference being held in less than two weeks. Just check out this schedule.

The producers of the event have rented PA systems for each of the four rooms, and we need podcasters or others with the right skills and equipment to record the sessions. Each room will have a mixer with RCA line-level outputs, so if you have a recorder or laptop with line-level inputs and the proper cables — and if you what you’re doing! — this is a great chance to help out. The IT Conversations coverage of BlogHer will be heard by more than 40,000 individuals, but only if you help. In addition to the fame and glory of being a member of Team ITC, you’ll also get free admission to the event. And it’s not for women only; 20% of the attendees will be men.

If you can help, just email me at Even if you can’t please spread the word in your own blog so we can capture these great sessions for the entire world to hear.

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