Our Biggest Fan

We get at least a half-dozen donations and messages of praise every day, and I can’t recall that I’ve ever posted any of them to my blog, but I just liked this guy’s style:

Dear Mr. Kaye,

I am IT Conversations’ biggest fan. Others may claim this title, but in truth they are second fiddle to me. I am writing to say thanks for putting together this great collection of programs. I have found them both educational and entertaining. Now before I get to my ultimate point I’ll give you a little background on me. My wife and I run Kipe and Associates which is a small IT services firm based in Beaverton, Oregon. The Oregon Business Journal recently recognized us as the 9th fastest growing private company in the state of Oregon. We provide staff augmentation and application development services to mostly large conservative businesses and we usually do things like J2EE, .NET, and database development. My wife really runs the business and I write code for a living.

Now before you delete this email out of boredom, I’ll get to my point. I would be thrilled if you would visit my website. You don’t have to read anything, click on any links, or anything like that. I would just love to be able to tell my friends that Doug Kaye has seen my website. If you do visit my site, I’ll make a $50 donation to IT Conversations. And don’t worry this isn’t an advertising ploy and I’m not going to write about this is in a blog or anything like that.

Unless you object, I would like to add a link to the IT Conversations website on my evolving “developers” page so that my employees and other visitors will know about the great resource you provide. My website link is below. Its safe and you won’t be asked for any information, nor will any cookies be placed on your computer.

Frank Sampson
Kipe and Associates, Inc.

We received $50 from Frank, today via PayPal.

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