IT Conversations News: July 2, 2005

(Hear the MP3 version with additional commentary in beautiful monophonic audio.)

New Programs This Week

Listed in increasing order of listener rating. For descriptions, visit the IT Conversations home page.

  • Jeff Cove – Flat-Panel Television (rated 3.3 by our listeners) LCD or Plasma? High definition or rear projection? Should you wait for another year to buy a bigger, brighter, cheaper set or get out your credit card right away? The choices are overwhelming. Host Larry Magid speaks to Jeff Cove, VP of Strategic alliances at Panasonic, about such visual media advancements and what to look for, then go for.
  • Dr. David Coy (3.4) On this week’s Biotech Nation segment, Moira Gunn interviews Dr. David Coy, Professor of Medicine, Tulane Health Sciences Center, about how their research may unexpectedly help a very common condition: macular degeneration.
  • Dr. Alva Noe (3.5) Moira also speaks with Dr. Alva Noe, professor of philosophy at UC, Berkeley and the author of "Action in Perception." They talk about the nature of perception, and how philosophy is quickly meshing with cognitive science.
  • Joel Garreau (3.5) Moira interviewed Joel Garreau, the cultural revolution correspondent to the Washington Post. They talk about GRIN: genetics, robotics, Information and nanotech.
  • MGM v. Grokster (3.7) Host Ernest Miller along with Denise Howell and Charles (C.E.) Petit disect the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling overturning a District Court in the case of MGM v. Grokster. The decision says Grokster could be found guilty of an "act of inducement" by encouraging (or not discouraging) its users to share infringing files. The panel considers the implications for publishers, software developers and manufacturers, and looks specifically at the outlook for BitTorrent.
  • Scott Cook on Customer Relationships (3.8) Customers and customer relationships are fundamental to the growth of any business. So why is it that as a business grows it moves further away from its cutomers? Instead of walking a mile in their shoes they discard them. Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit, understands the importance of customer-driven innovation and credits it for the success and perpetual growth of his company.
  • Rob Curley – The World Company (4.4) Since the dot-com days, nearly every newspaper in the world has made use of the Internet and now has a website where readers can get their news faster than they can get the hardcopy paper. But just having a website is one thing. Doing it right — which is what Rob Curley is known for — is another. Hear Rob’s fascinating keynote presentation from the Integrated Media Association’s New Media Summit in which he gives examples of how he and his web-development team at the Lawrence Journal-World continue to do it right.

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