The New Business Model

One advantage of becoming a non-profit is that when people keep asking me, “What’s your business model?” I can just smile and say, “I don’t have one.” (That’s how I’ve answered the question for the last two years, anyway.) Of course, even non-profits need revenues to pay for expenses, so here are my plans for revenue generation in the new venture.

1. Quick-Delivery Conference Audio. Shortly after a major event (1-2 weeks, depending on the number of sessions) we’ll release all of the audio online for a fee. It might cost, for example, US$5 per presentation or US$100 for all 30+ sessions from a complex conference. We’ll split the profits 50/50 with the event producers. Note that we’ll still publish the conference sessions at the rate of one show per week like we’ve always done, but if you’re in a hurry you can pay a few $$ for the privilege.

2. Membership. This will be modeled after public radio. Membership will not be a gateway to the content. The content will always be free with the exception of the quick-delivery option above. Membership may get you special web-site features or thank-you gifts, but it will primarly just be a way for you to support our on-going operations.

3. Grants. Ideally, the above will cover all our expenses, but we may seek private (non-governmental) grants for special projects, to help us ramp up, or to launch new programs or series on specific topics or in new parts of the world.

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