IT Conversations News: June 11, 2005

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New Programs This Week

Listed in increasing order of listener rating. For descriptions, visit the IT Conversations home page.

  • James Goodnight – SAS (2.7) Whereas the life expectancy of people is steadily increasing with time, today’s business life expectancy is actually decreasing. Join Dr. Jim Goodnight, founder and CEO of SAS, the largest privately owned software company, speak on growing and sustaining the long-term enterprise. SAS has been in business for three decades and has sustained a 10-15 percent growth during its lifetime. Listen to discover the SAS secret sauce.
  • David Ewing Duncan (3.3) On last week’s Biotech Nation program, Dr. Moira Gunn spoke with biotech journalist David Ewing Duncan, the author of “The Geneticist Who Played Hoops with my DNA,” who shared the experience of submitting himself to just about every genetics test known to man.
  • Rob Glaser – Real Networks (3.3) Time flies! Would you believe it’s been a full 10 years since Real first got content streaming going on the Internet? How has streaming fared over this period? How does this decade-old technology compete with the music-on-the-go iPods and its ilk? Larry Magid is back on this week’s edition of Larry’s World interviewing the man who started it all – Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of Real Networks.
  • Hoffman and Lauer – Remixing Wikis in the Classroom (3.3) Schools need a system which is simple to use for the teachers as well as the students; one that is secure; which does not require dedicated tech support. And all this without using data servers because the powers-that-be frown on schools setting up servers by themselves. Tom Hoffman and Tim Lauer describe the challenges they have faced in doing this and how they have overcome them with SchoolTool, in their interesting talk at Etech 2005.
  • Sean Carroll (3.5) Moira Gunn also spoke with Dr. Sean Carroll, Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and author of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful — The New Science of Evo Devo.” It’s the nickname for Evolutionary Developmental Biology. Among other issues, they discussed whether evolution itself is evolving.
  • Bob Cox – Media Bloggers Association (4.0) Bob Cox, Founder of the Media Bloggers Association and Blogger at and he discusses some of the important legal issues facing media bloggers. He shares his story about his battle with the New York Times that recently got national media attention. He discusses how audio and video is changing weblogs and why he created the Media Bloggers Association. Bob will also talk about the recent BlogNashville event and the hot topics that came out of that event.

This week’s Doug’s Favorite from the IT Conversations archives:

    Joel Spolsky – Joel on Software (3.9) IT Conversations’ producer Doug Kaye interviews Joel Spolsky, the author of Joel on Software. He worked on Microsoft’s Excel development team, still a strong influence on his opinions on software development. Topics include: extreme programming of which Joel has often been a critic, formal testing, particularly on large projects, why "customers don’t know what they want" and Microsoft (why some developers may not move to Avalon/XAML/WinFX, and what will happen to Win32).

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