IT Conversations News: June 4, 2005

(Hear the MP3 version in beautiful monophonic audio.)

New Programs This Week

Listed in increasing order of listener rating. For descriptions, visit the IT Conversations home page.

  • The Software 2005 CEO Panel (2.7)
    How does a five million dollar company become a fifty million dollar company and eventually a five hundred million dollar company in the high tech industry? Join a panel of CEO’s as they share their thoughts and experiences on building a business capable of sustaining long periods of growth. Along the way you will discover the social and technical challenges they faced and how they triumphed.
  • Steve Iverson – Streamload (2.8) 50,000 Gigabytes of online storage. Send 2GB email attachments. Free! Store your entire media collection online: your MP3s, DVDs and eve DVR data. San Diego based Streamload offers a service which allows unlimited storage at no cost. On this week’s edition of Larry’s World, Larry Magid talks to Streamload’s CEO Steve Iverson about this service and their unique business model which makes it
    financially viable for them.
  • Betsy Dresser (2.8) On last week’s Biotech Nation segment, Moira Gunn interviewed Dr. Betsy Dresser, Vice President for Research & Director of ACRES — The Audubon Canter for Research on Endangered Species. Betsy tells us about their frozen zoo.
  • Dill Faulkes (3.3) Moira Gunn also speaks with British software entrepreneur Dill Faulkes who explains why he located his telescopes for the schoolchildren of Britain on the other side of Planet Earth.
  • Meg Hourihan – (3.5) If you have a blog, you must surely be aware of But how did it all start? Did it actually ‘invent’ blogging? When did it rise? When did it fall? Where is it at the moment? Well, surely there’s no better person to answer these questions other than the co-founder of Blogger itself, titled "Young Innovator Who Will Create the Future" by MIT’s Technology Review magazine, Meg Hourihan, in this Memory Lane with Halley Suitt.
  • Fred von Lohmann – EFF (3.7) Do you watch TV? Listen to music? Use a phone, camera, computer or the web? Then you should get to know Fred von Lohmann because in some sense, he’s "your" lawyer. As Senior Intellectual Property Attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fred’s work shapes the law and public policy of modern technology life. In his interview with Denise Howell, Fred reveals that in addition to being one of California’s most influential lawyers, he is smart, funny, and wields a mean light saber.
  • Susan Krieger (3.8) Moira Gunn speaks with Dr. Susan Krieger, a sociologist and writer who teaches in the Program in Feminist Studies at Stanford University. She explains how the loss of her eyesight as an adult has guided her to new inner dimensions.
  • Lawrence Lessig – Clearing the Air About Open Source (4.3)"Fight!" exhorts Professor Lawrence Lessig as he rallies the open source community in what he calls the war against monopolistic businesses. How is this war affecting the culture of innovation? How do you need to defend your right to innovate? Hear Professor Lessig lay bare with his powerful arguments the stories behind the defining milestones of this war starting with the historic 1976 Sony Betamax judgment, in his keynote talk from the Open Source Business Conference.

This week’s Doug’s Favorite from the IT Conversations archives:

  • Will Wright – Lessons from Game Design (4.2) This week’s Doug’s Favorite is from the awesome SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series. The creator of The Sims and SimCity considers the relationship between games and the computer industry. He designs the problems his players face so he can push the boundaries of graphics, user interface, AI, metrics and simulation. Hear what Will is learning about how the abilitites and psychology of his players will be used in the mainstream software of the future.

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