Happy Birthday, IT Conversations

Lots of folks talking about the impending first anniversaries of their Internet-audio programs. But IT Conversations’ first program was released two years ago yesterday, and the official site launched 6/9/03. From my blog on 6/5/03:

IT Conversations. On Monday, June 9, RDS Strategies LLC will launch a new series of recorded audio interviews on the hottest topics in information technology. The MP3 files can be downloaded or streamed for free, and they’re supported by an online forum.

I’m posting this three days in advance in the hope that my technically adroit readers will visit the site, download and stream the files, leave feedback on the forums, and generally give us a the beta testing we can’t otherwise get.

For now there are just two conversations on the site:

* Tony Greenberg, CEO of Ramp^Rate, discusses the state of the web-hosting industry in light of this week’s announcement by Cable & Wireless (owner of both Exodus and Digital Island) that it’s getting out of the U.S. market.
* Phil Windley, former CIO of the State of Utah, covers a wide rage of topics on web services.

On Monday we’ll have two more conversations. By the following week, we should have a total of eight. And that’s just the kickoff!

Let me know what you think. And ask your friends to stop by and give it a test drive.

Perhaps none of us should refer our shows as podcasts until the points at which our MP3s were delivered as RSS 2.0 enclosures. IT Conversations began doing so on September 24, 2003.

IT Conversations now has 553 programs either published or at some stage of post-production and we’re releaseing 9-11 each week thanks to the amazing 42 members of Team ITC. (They’re not all on the public list yet.)

Happy Birthday, IT Conversations, and thanks to all of you for listening and your ongoing support.

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