Recording Stringers Wanted

At least once a week we get a request here at IT Conversations to record and publish some terrific tech event. Most of them are of the users-group variety, some of which have some awesome speakers. I used to do some local recording here in the San Francisco area, but now I just don’t have the time and I certainly can’t justify recording something that’s not within driving distance. It’s a shame that we can’t capture these terrific presentations and that they’re lost forever.

To address this, we’re creating a new position on Team ITC: Recording Stringer.

At the very least you should be able to take a feed from a mixer or distribution amplifier (DA), and record sessions of at least two hours without a media change. (MiniDisc and DAT work great.) If you have microphones and a mixer as well, you may be able to handle even smaller events. Check out our submission standards for more info on the technical requirements.

If you have the time, equipment and skill to record events in your area, please let me know. ( Please include your location and ZIP or postal code.

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