Goofing Off

Okay, I’ve been caught playing hookey. Instead of working one of my usual 12-hour days on Monday, Philip Greenspun and I went flying. The aviation weather forecast Sunday night looked pretty bad, but thanks to a big oxygen tank in the back of the Bonanza, we were able to fly high and managed to thread our way around the thunderbumpers all morning, thenflew underneath them on the way home. We landed at Castle Air Force Base for a tour of their WWII warplane museum. Philip is taking his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) checkride next week, adding that to his fixed wing, helicopter and instrument ratings. He shouldn’t have any problem passing. I tried to get him interested in adding a glider rating, too.

We ended the day, back in Mill Valley, at In-N-Out Burger — arguably better than the Bomber Burgers we passed on at Castle.

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