Chris Lydon is Back!

I was honored to be a guest today on a new public-radio program hosted by Christopher Lydon. It’s called Open Source and we recorded the pilot this morning with Chris and the production team at the WGBH studios, and we guests scattered about the pod/blogosphere. Chris’ voice has been absent from public radio for far too long. [MP3 audio]

Chris has long been one of my personal heroes, although we’ve never met. And though very few people know (or acknowledge) it I believe that Chris, with help from Dave Winer, was the very first podcaster. That is, Dave put together the first RSS feed with MP3 enclosures, in this case Chris’ superb interviews. I copied the RSS syntax a few days later and launched the podcast edition of IT Conversations on 9/24/03. The name “podcast” hadn’t been coined at that time and didn’t become prominent until nearly a year later when Adam Curry began his Daily Source Code show.

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