More ITC Stats

Yesterday I posted some 1Q2005 stats from IT Conversations. Here are a few more. First is the count of pageviews.

I’ve been telling people that the number of pageviews has been fairly flat due to the relative increase of those who retrieve audio files via RSS and never visit the site. Guess I was wrong! The number of pageviews during March 2005 was 330,405 or an average of 10,658 per day.

Next is the total number of Equivalent Complete Listens (ECLs).

Equivalent Complete Listens are something I created as a way to report downloads. It’s probably more conservative than most podcasters would like to emply. Most of they techniques others use to count listens result in substantial inflation of results, in my opinion. ECLs are derived from the total number of bytes of downloads (audio only, of course) each month divided by the average size of the programs published in that month. For example:

In March 2005, IT Conversations had 4,485GB total audio downloads, divided by 17.22MB average per program yielding 260,453 equivalent full listens per month (8,402 per day).

New programs are listened to more frequently than older programs, which are not featured on our home page or in our RSS feeds, so we estimate the average number of listens to a new program to be approximately 10,000.

Here’s a summary for the month of March 2005:

  • Registered users: 8,812 (up 96% in three months)
  • Audio delivered: 4.485TB (up 85%)
  • Listens: 260,453 (up 85%)
  • Pageviews: 330,405 (up62%)

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