IT Conversations News: April 1, 2005

(Hear the MP3, which contains far more detail.)

New Shows

  • Deborah Rudacille – Tech Nation (rated 3.6 by listeners). Last week on Tech Nation, Dr. Moira Gunn spoke with Johns- Hopkins’ Dr. Deborah Rudacille about scientific definitions — science now shows us that tens of millions of people do not fall into the physiological definition of either male and female. They talked about her new book: “The Riddle of Gender: Science, Activism, and Transgender Rights.”
  • Bill Hayes – Tech Nation (3.8). Moira also spoke with Bill Hayes. You might remember him from “Sleep Demons: An Insomniac’s Memoir.” He’s back with his signature mixture of science and life experience — this time it’s all about blood.
  • Carolyn Givens – Biotech Nation (3.4). And in last week’s BioTech Nation segment, Moira interviewed Dr. Carolyn Givens, the Associate Medical Director of the Pacific Fertility Center, who tells us where In Vitro Fertilization meets stem cell research.
  • Non Profits Blogging – True Voice (2.6). Stowe Boyd talks with Peter Kaminski (Socialtext) and Peter Quintas (Silkroad Technology), at the American Cancer Society Innovation Summit about social networking and social media. They discuss the growing adoption of blogs and other social media, as well as coming features planned for the two technology companies’ products.
  • The Future of Music – Voices in Your Head (3.9). Music-industry incumbents are threatened by new technologies of distribution. How are they reacting, and how are musicians using the Internet on their own to make more money for themselves? In this interview with two music-industry insiders, Dave Slusher discovers the current state of digital music and possible courses for the future.
  • From the Labs – Web 2.0 (3.0). Hear some of the most intriguing new developments from three of the biggest R&D shops in the world: IBM, Google and Microsoft. The panel includes John Battelle (Battelle Media), Peter Norvig (Google) Richard F. Rashid (Microsoft) and Jim Spohrer (IBM). From the Web 2.0 conference.
  • Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia (3.6). Rob and Dana Greelnee of Web Talk Radio interview Jimmy Wales, the founder of, the online free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Started in 2001, the site is currently working on more than 500,000 articles in the English version alone. In 22 other langauages there are at least 10,000 articles.
  • Ray Lane – Software: To Infinity and Beyond (too late for review). In this keynote address from the Software 2004 conference, venture capitalist Ray Lane takes a high-level but thorough view of the software industry. What’s next? Is there a new economy after all? What about the claims that IT doesn’t matter and that innovation is dead? Perhaps this is a rare period of normalcy.

From the Archives

  • MGM v. Grokster – The Law and IT (3.6). This week the US Supreme Court heard arguments in this landmark case, so we’re bringing back this great show from the archives. In August, the US Court of Appeals decided that distributors of peer-to-peer filesharing software, such as Grokster and StreamCast, could not be held liable for the copyright infringements of their users. Ernest Miller discusses the decision with four leading legal analysts, including Fred von Lohmann of the EFF, who argued the case.

Other News

  • Open-Source Audio Production. I think we’re onto something exciting: You might call it open- source audio production, as there are many similarities to open-source software development. It began when IT Conversations listeners pressured me into creating a tip jar on the site… [more]
  • IT Conversations Sells Out. Gee, I hope not! But with being SlashDotted and BoingBoinged on the same day — more than once — we do have real expenses on the infrastructure side. Luckily it’s not just Team ITC and our community of listeners who are passionate about what we’re doing. So are a few companies with checkbooks. [more]
  • Basecamp Established. Team ITC has been evaluating a whole slew of collaboration tools to manage our projects. One that grabbed our attention is Basecamp, a hosted service which we’re using in addition to our secure wiki. [more]
  • Software 2005. As if this week hasn’t been busy enough, we also signed a contract to bring you the keynote presentations from one of the biggest and best conferences of the year: Software 2005. [more]
  • Audio IDs. It has come to my attention that with the popularity of devices like the iPod Shuffle, there are some listeners that don’t have a display on their MP3 players or otherwise can’t easily tell which show is which…As of today, therefore, we’re now including a brief ID at the *very* start of each file. [more]

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