IT Conversations Sells Out

Gee, I hope not! But with being SlashDotted and BoingBoinged on the same day — more than once — we do have real expenses on the infrastructure side. Luckily it’s not just Team ITC and our community of listeners who are passionate about what we’re doing. So are a few companies with checkbooks.

Starting today you’ll hear public-radio style acknowledgments in the intros and outros of our programs to thank those underwriters who help us cover our costs. In addition to SilkWare and nooked, who are underwriting Stowe Boyd’s True Voice series, I’m glad to welcome GoToMeeting, who is sponsoring all of the sessions from the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, which (not too coincidentally) also launches today with the publication of Clay Shirky’s terrific presentation on Ontologies.

But most of all, I’d like to extend a special thanks to Limelight Networks who delivers all of our audio files from a content-delivery network of hundreds of servers around the world. Given that we’re delivering close to 7 terrabytes of data each month, this is no small undertaking, and in the year we’ve depended on Limelight Networks, they’ve never once let us down. Our own servers may get overloaded or even crash, but we’ve never had so much as a glitch from the Limelight CDN.

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