Warning: IT Conversations May Be Hazardous to your Health

An injured Lloyd DavisLloyd Davis was apparently so imersed in listening to Marc Canter talk about Ourmedia.org as he walked down the street, that he failed to notice “a loop of discarded plastic tape (the stuff that holds boxes of photocopier paper together).”

“BAMMM, strange floating sensation followed by face and knees scraping along pavement and then small birds twittering around my head.”

Be careful out there!

3 thoughts on “Warning: IT Conversations May Be Hazardous to your Health

  1. Doug, I’m grateful that you’re so quick to take responsibility – I’m happy to settle for a substantial sum without the messy business of trans-continental law suit, but naturally I’ve been speaking to Messrs Sue, Grabbitt & Runne and they are clear that you would be much easier to pursue than Newham Council (who should keep the street clean) and more lucrative than just owning up to my inability to walk and listen to IT Conversations at the same time. If you’re not familiar with the English legal system I would strongly suggest you take a look at the Simpson’s episode where Homer crashes a car into Buckingham Palace – it’s reassuringly realistic.


  2. Seriously, IT Conversations is the best thing to arrive in my iPodder – when are you coming over to England to pick up some of the interesting conversations going on in Europe?


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