Podcasting Awareness ~Nil

According to a survey by Blogads, 92.1% of those who read blogs say they never listen to podcasts. What percentage of the people in the world read blogs and could have participated in this survey? Perhaps 5%? Less? Your guess is as good as mine, but in any case — despite the recent rash of mainstream-journalism coverage of podcasting — podcasting isn’t even a speck on the head of a pin yet.

6 thoughts on “Podcasting Awareness ~Nil

  1. Doug,

    I’d sure be interested in seeing the number of podcast downloads per show for all podcasts combined. If plotted over time I suspect it would paint a slightly different picture of the state of podcasting. My own guess, based on snippets heard on some of them, is about 100,000 – dominated at the moment by DSC.


  2. Check out ipodder – to be honest – most of what is available is rubbish poorly produced crap. The majority of people I know who use podcasts are using it almost exclusively for ITConversations.

    What is required is a better search and download App coupled with the release of more quality content.


  3. I tend to be an early adopter and *I* just listened to my first podcast last week. I think for more people to adopt, there needs to be a wider choice of categories to choose from. I’m working on a project that should bring light to a whole new audience.


  4. Well, I’d say podcasting is still pretty new; and as B.K DeLong proves, there are some early adopters who yet to twig to the tech. I may also be a case of lack of hardware. I don’t currently own a portable mp3 player, so all my podcast listening is done while surfing the web, which can get distracting if I’m trying to both listen to, say, Tech Nation while reading WebSnark. Thus I don’t listen to podcasts as much as I’d like. Owning the requesite hardware (an iPod, for example) might very well go a long way toward the populous at large downloading and listening to more podcasts.


  5. I don’t understand why everyone is in such a hurry. Every time I read someone’s opinion about “what podcasting needs to grow faster” I cringe. It’s on the edge of growing too fast in my opinion.

    James Nash, in that regard how is podcasting different from anything? I have 200+ cable TV channels available to me, and often cannot find anything I care about watching. I have an easier time finding things I want to occupy my time with podcasting. Who cares how many bad ones there are? I only need a few dozen good ones to keep me happy.


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