ITC in the Dow Jones Online Retail Report

The Dow Jones Online Retail Report (subscription required) has just published a story entitled “Podcasts Are The New Blogs Of Alternative Media” by Michelle Tsai. I can’t link to it or quote the whole thing, but here’s where Michelle mentions IT Conversations:

Advertisers Follow The Audience

The podcasting world has already turned its attention to monetization through advertising and subscription fees, and podcast networks are in a land grab to acquire podcasts for exclusive distribution, said Doug Kaye, host of IT Conversations, whose series of shows about technology attract about 50,000 listeners each month. Groups like Podcast Network, which now has about 2,000 shows, [I didn’t say that …doug] have sprung up and are adding to their stable of programming as fast as they can, said Kaye.

Podcasters are not all of one mind when it comes to what form advertising should take, however. Kaye is in discussions with international consultancies and mobile handset makers about underwriting his shows with brief messages at the beginning or end of programs rather than full-on commercials.

One obstacle to advertising is the lack of information about who’s downloading the shows. IT Conversations’ Kaye said that while advertisers in most media expect detailed demographic information, those with experience in broadcast media will know that podcasters can’t provide the same.

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