Help Wanted: Producers, Editors and Engineers

Okay…Help! I thought I could keep up. I’ve cut back on my own interviews to produce our other hosts’ shows, but I was still keeping my head above water even cranking out a new show every day. (Nine shows a week if you count each of Moira Gunn’s three weekly TechNation segments.) And although I received many submissions from independent producers, most of them weren’t very good, so it was easy to say, “I’m sorry, but No.” But now I’m getting some great indepently recorded but raw programs that I’d like to bring to the IT Conversations audience, and I just don’t have time to do it.

So I’ve posted the Help-Wanted details on the IT Conversations wiki. As it says at the end, there are a few dollars available — thanks to the doations from the tip jar — but the compensation will be more like a Thank-You gift than real pay.

Particularly if you’re adept with audio editing and mastering, our listeners will appreciate your efforts. Help keep listener-supported IT Conversations alive!

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