ETech on IT Conversations

In answer to many queries I’ve received in the past few days, Yes, IT Conversations will publish the audio from O’Reilly Media’s Emerging Technology Conference this year, as we did last year. But no live strem this time around. It’s a lot of work to reach just a few hundred listeners, whereas the downloads/podcasts reach tens of thousands. Last year streaming was hot, this year it’s not.

Another benefit of not streaming is that I get to attend without spending all day ‘on the air.’ Instead I’ll have a chance to meet new people and say Hello to old friends.

Thanks again to the wonderful people at O’Reilly Media who allow IT Conversations to bring you their excellent events at no charge. And there are still two slots open for sponsors of our audio coverage of ETech 2005. If your company is interested in reaching 50,000-100,000 serious geeks, please email me at

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