Streaming on PocketPCs?

An IT Conversations user reports that he can’t stream to his PocketPC. Is anyone else either successful or unsuccessful trying this?

4 thoughts on “Streaming on PocketPCs?

  1. This isn’t a solution, or even a work around, but it is an alternate use case. I use a HP IPac 5550, but I use Ipodder to download everything when I’m not paying attention. Then I use Active Sync to cut and past from the laptop to the IPac, play everything and hit “skip to next trak” when I hit something I don’t want to listen to. O.K – I’m not a particularly discriminating listener, but then I do over 1,000K’s a week in the care in two and three hour stints, so I plug the IPac into a fake cassette, plug that into the car tape player and listen to IT Conversation over the car stereo. Works for me – might work for others.


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