New Podcast/RSS Feeds

I’ve just updated the page of Podcasts and RSS feeds for IT Conversations. Because there are now more than 300 shows in the archives and new shows will be coming out about one per day, you may want to subscribe to separate feeds rather than to the global ‘everything’ feed. A few of the topic-based feeds are new and haven’t yet been populated. I need to go through the database and update the metadata.

Over the next few days I’ll be improving the Title elements in the RSS feeds, so they’ll make more sense when viewed in your aggregator or podcatcher. And starting on 1/1/05 I hope to have more helpful filenames and ID3 tags.

One thought on “New Podcast/RSS Feeds

  1. Good idea with the audio announcements. Even though I am double subscribed (to the ipodder feed plus the feed in a blogreader) I like to hear your voice from time to time a little bit longer. ;o)


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