Competition Down Under

TechnologyTalks is an Internet business servicing the Information Technology sector in Australia and New Zealand. Our product is centralised IT events registration, along with post-event downloadable audio and visual materials in a choice of formats for those unable to attend. The full range of IT events relevant to the region will be covered – conferences, seminars, motivational topics – from which we will produce high quality digital recordings and transcripts.

I’m flattered that they (or anyone) would see IT Conversations as competition:

In the final weeks of our business plan we found one website that offers a product similar to what we plan to offer. ITConversations offers audio and transcripts of “interviews and important events” for the IT Industry, they produce these for O’Reilly’s Conferences and for a variety of other non-conference IT groups and they principally focus on the US market/Internet businesses. They have a well planned site, their content is free because much of it is open-source or readily available material and some cool value adds. Whilst this group do a great job [Boioioing!!] and we have learned something from them we do not see them as a direct competitor because our sole market is conferences and seminars (whilst they are broader in scope yet advertise only one group’s conferences).

Update: Apolon Ivankovic dug deeper than I did and may have uncovered that there’s nothing behind this. Curiouser and cusriouser.

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