Donations are Working

It’s been just one week since I posted the IT Conversations, and already I’ve received donations from approximately 1% of regular listeners. Here are my math and logic:

  • 3,005 registered listeners
  • 3,392 unique IP addresses for RSS requests (24 hrs)
  • 3,231 active mailing list recipients
  • 51 donations to date

Assuming some overlap between those who use the web site and those who use RSS, there are probably about 5,000 regular IT Conversations listeners, so 51 represents roughly 1%. FYI, the most popular shows are dowloaded or streamed to as many as 14,000 unique IP addresses, suggesting that one-third of those are regular listeners and two-thirds are ad-hoc listeners.

2 thoughts on “Donations are Working

  1. Doug, can you post the email address we can donate to directly? I’m a little on the paranoid side, so would like to log in first to PayPal and then send the donation.


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