It Ain’t Radio

As Dave Slusher describes in his latest podcast, what’s appropriate to promote a podcast is sometimes quite the opposite of what works for radio. In the days of his radio program, Dave would promote the hell out of his shows in advance. It was an event. It played once, and the whole idea was to get the buzz machine going in advance to build a crescendo of listenership. The value of show immediately died after airing.

Podcasting is just the opposite. The life of a podcast builds after it’s published. In the case of IT Conversations (not really a podcast), that life can last for years. The buzz comes not from pre-event hype, but from post-publication blogging and whuffie.

And as Dave also mentioned, there’s another reason not to pre-announce a podcast: As we learned, things can go wrong. 🙂

One thought on “It Ain’t Radio

  1. That’s true of any online content, not just podcasting. Journalists who have a strong publishing background are just as fixated on the publish-once-and-forget model — magazines and newspapers, just like broadcast media, are designed to live for a single point in time and then get filed away. But anything published on the web is still read and referred to months, even years after first appears (the second most popular feature article on the Loosely Coupled site last month was first published in August 2003).


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