MP3s from Bloggercon III

I’ve just posted the first MP3 (and AAC/M4B) files from Bloggercon III: the session on Podcasting led by Adam Curry. I’ll be posting about one session per day until I get them all on line.

A few listeners have already asked, “Why can’t you just post them all right away?”

It takes a few hours to transfer, edit, mix, master, encode (twice), upload, write the descriptions for and track down photos of each session. That’s just they way things work here at IT Conversations. 🙂 Oh, and then there’s the backlog of more than 45 programs from Pop!Tech, Digital Identity World and (shortly) the Accelerating Change conference in addition to all the regularly shows like The Gillmor Gang, Memory Lane and The Importance of…Law and IT that I’m publishing in parallel with Bloggercon III. (And wait until you hear the new series I’m working on to launch in December!)

In the meantime, to be notified as soon as each session is posted you can podcatch (subscribe to) one of the site-wide RSS feeds , the Bloggercon-specific feeds, or get announcements via email.

Thanks for your patience. I’ll get to all of them as quickly as I can.

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