The Textbook is Audio

David Sturges is teaching Digital Media for Management and Marketing in the Department of Management, Marketing, and International Business for the College of Business Administration at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas.

The textbook is audio. It contains a series of .mp3 files of panel discussions from conferences sponsored by ITConversations and other audio files. The topics of this course change so rapidly that no traditional textbook adequately fills the need. These panel discussions were conducted between October and December 2004. As additional topics are conducted, they may be incorporated into the text. You may access the .mp3 files in any of the following options.

  • Download them from the text site and place them on your .mp3 player.
  • Download and create a cd-rom with the .mp3 files to play on a cd player with .mp3 capability
  • Download the files to your computer and play them on an .mp3 player in the AV software of your computer system (Windows Media Player for PC or iTunes for MAC).
  • You may request a set of CD-ROMs from the instructor that has the .mp3 files.

Very cool.

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