Audio from Bloggercon

If all goes well, I’ll be recording the sessions at Bloggercon on Saturday. Apparently distribution boxes are available, so you can bring your own recorder for a high-quality feed.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the phone line I need for my broadcast-quality streaming setup, so we’re looking for alternatives. Two ways you can help us:

  1. If you can stream from your laptop (i.e., you have an off-site server), we’ll have WiFi that should let you get out. Don’t plan to stream directly to clients via WiFi; there won’t be sufficient bandwidth to run a server for all the clients I expect will want to access the audio.
  2. If you have a Windows XP laptop with a decent CPU, WiFi and USB that we can use for streaming, let me know. If (!) we can get a dedicated IP address over WiFi and if (!) we can have port 3690 forwarded to the laptop, I can use it to reach the Limelight Networks content-delivery network and from there reach everyone worldwide. My only Windows laptop is a wimpy Sony Vaio Picturebook with a Transmeta CPU that isn’t fast enough to run the Windows Media Encoder.
  3. Thanks. And see you at Bloggercon!

4 thoughts on “Audio from Bloggercon

  1. Doug, assuming I can get in on the to-be-reopened registration list tomorrow morning, I’ve got the required equipment and would be glad to work with you. I’m local to the Bloggercon (Mt. View) and I’ve got a high-powered laptop with built-in WiFi and have full control over the ports, etc. I’m also an audio/music guy on-the-side so I’ve done live gigs before. If you’re interested, drop me an email and I’ll let you know if I get in 🙂 and then we can plan from there.


  2. John, Each listener will use about 230MB for the whole day. But the real issue is that you’ve got to be running a streaming server such as Microsoft Media, Real Networks, ShoutCast, etc.


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